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Gates from Microsoft Board Due to Relationship With Employee

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Microsoft board members reportedly ruled last year that Bill Gates should withdraw from the board.


This was decided after an affair between Gates and a female employee came to light, writes the Wall Street Journal. According to sources, it was an inappropriate, romantic relationship between the multi-billionaire and the woman.

Gates announced last year that he would step down from the board of the company he founded. In his own words, he did this to have more time for philanthropy. He did, however, remain involved as an advisor to the chairman of the board.

The board members hired a law firm to investigate the relationship in 2019 after another Microsoft employee claimed in a letter that Gates and the woman had been in a sexual relationship for years. During the investigation, some members allegedly decided it was no longer appropriate for Gates to stay on board. The Microsoft founder would have resigned before the investigation was completed.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirms to the Wall Street Journal that an intimate relationship that Gates allegedly initiated with an employee of the company in the year 2000 was reported in the second half of 2019.

A management committee then investigated the report with the help of an external law firm. The spokesman for Gates confirms to the newspaper that the multi-billionaire would have had an affair almost twenty years ago. However, his decision to retire from the board would be completely unrelated to that.

Gates and his wife Melinda announced earlier this month that they would divorce after 27 years of marriage.

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