Do I Need Public Liability Insurance If I'm Self Employed?

The number of unemployed people in Germany increased in April, the German government reports. On balance, 9,000 jobseekers were added, which was unexpected.


On average, economists had expected a decrease of about 10,000 people. In total, some 2.8 million Germans are without a job, which means that unemployment remains at 6 percent.

The unexpected increase in the number of unemployed indicates that Europe’s largest economy is suffering from strict corona measures. After more than six months of lockdowns, the end is not yet in sight, as Berlin recently pulled strings again.

Most shops, restaurants, fitness centres and cultural institutions have been closed since mid-November.

The German government does support the business community with subsidy schemes. For example, approximately 2.7 million employees are wholly or partly at home while their salary is largely continued.

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