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Google Adjusts Beauty Filters to Save Self-Confidence

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Beauty filters, the automatic ‘fix’ for selfies that you find in many photo software, appears to have a detrimental effect on the self-confidence of young people.


Google is going to adjust the filters in its own phones.

Facial filters and other techniques that should bring your photos closer to the beauty ideal, according to psychologists, have a terrible influence on the self-image of users, especially among young people.

Google has therefore announced that it would use new principles when designing photo filters in the Android Camera app on Pixel smartphones.

For example, in the Pixel 4a, updating your face for selfies is off by default. Later, there will also be new icons and labels for the face filters, which Google itself calls ‘value-free’.

The bottom line is that language such as ‘beauty filter’ is no longer used because it suggests that your face is not good enough in its natural state and that the tools make it ‘more beautiful’.

The changes will also be rolled out later on the Android Camera app in other Pixel phones.

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