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Google Launches Pinterest Competitor Keen

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Google has launched a new platform through its Area 120 incubator to show users posts that meet their interests. The system is a bit like Pinterest, but with more machine learning.


Keen, as the platform is called, is available on the web and via Android. According to founder CJ Adams, the thing should offer an alternative to ‘thoughtless browsing’ in online feeds.

The idea is that you choose what you want to spend more time on, and then curate that content, Adams writes in a blog post.

This way you make a ‘keen’ about a subject, be it baking bread, k-pop or graphic design with images and posts about that subject, which you can then share. Keen should also help you find new content based on what you already like.

Google is strongly committed to its machine learning, which should extract information about your favourite topics, even if you have not yet saved many links.

That is very similar to Pinterest’s ‘boards’, with a pinch of ‘Google Alerts’ added. It’s been a while since Google plunged into the social media market (remember Google Plus), so it’s interesting to see them try again.

Possible competitor Pinterest is now huge in the hobby niche of the web, which Keen seems to be aiming for.

Where Google plays on machine learning, Pinterest boasts its own investments in artificial intelligence, as well as a large user base of hobbyists who recommend each other.

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