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Hamilton: Participation Of Drivers In Circuit Choice

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Hamilton: Participation of Drivers in Circuit Choice. Five-time world champion Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton wants the drivers to have a say in compiling the racing calendar.


“We know better than anyone else which circuits you can overtake and which you can’t,” he said after his victory in the British Grand Prix.

That race on the Silverstone circuit was full of exciting catch-up actions.

“But there are circuits where you can do no more than ride in a train one after the other and Formula 1 has selected for the future circuits where it’s not great racing.

The question is what they want: boring races in a country to get there but to have a race or spectacle as we have seen here at Silverstone? “

Hamilton did not mention circuit names, but the circuit of Zandvoort has been added to the calendar for next year, among other things.

It is known from that circuit that overtaking is extremely difficult.

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