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Harry Styles: “I’m Not In The Mood For One Direction Reunion”

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Harry Styles: “I’m not in the Mood for One Direction Reunion.” It is not easy for One Direction fans. Aside from the fact that original music from the former band members is not yet available, Harry Styles (25) now also reveals that they are not, however in the mood for a reunion.


The singer says this in his new interview.

One Direction fans have to last even longer than they had ever expected.

At the announcement of their break as a band, the singers indicated that they had “separated for a maximum of 18 months”, but none of that proved right.

“I don’t know, I think that someday I would completely renounce it,” said Harry about a possible reunion.

“If there comes a time when we all want to do it just as well, then we will do it.”

“The idea behind it should be,” Hey, this was great fun back then.

We have to do this again, “continues the Sign of the Times singer.

“But until then, I am enjoying making my music and experimenting with it.

I still think this is much too much fun to go back to the band.

If we come back and try to do the same as then, then it will not be quite the same. “

In the interview, Harry does reveal other, more positive news for fans.

The discussion is based on his next CD, which will be released soon, according to the reports.

Moreover, the singer has given a small taste of the project.

“It’s about having sex and feeling sad,” he explained concisely.

When it appears precisely is still unclear.

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