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Harvey Weinstein Will Appeal This Winter

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Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein plans to appeal his conviction in the next three months. The Sun reports that.


Weinstein, 68, is serving a 23-year prison sentence for sexual abuse, including rape, of two women. He has yet to appear in another case in which he is accused of similar crimes by five women.

In the past three years, dozens of women have told their stories about sexual misconduct by the once very successful filmmaker.

The Sun also reports that a former Weinstein assistant will file a lawsuit against the former producer and the people around him who allowed him to abuse and harass women.

The woman is said to be planning an employment law case in the United Kingdom, which, according to her lawyer, will discuss “terrible sexual abuse by Mr Weinstein”.

In October, Weinstein’s lawyers asked a judge in New York to release him on bail if he appealed. That request was denied.

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