Highland Park was Already 309th Mass Shooting in the United States This Year

The Highland Park shooting was the deadliest, but far from the only shooting in the United States over the past 4th of July weekend. What’s more, it wasn’t even the only one in the Chicago area alone.


With Highland Park, the counter of “mass shootings” in the US this year already stands at 309.

The website of the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit research group, keeps track of all “mass shootings” in the United States. This only concerns shootings in which at least four casualties (deaths or injuries) occurred, not including the shooter.

On the “4th of July” national holiday alone, six of those mass shootings were registered on the website. With at least 6 dead and 31 injured, the Highland Park shooting was by far the deadliest, but shooting in Sacramento, California, also left one dead.

And also in Chicago itself, less than 20 kilometres from Highland Park, there was a shooting that left five people injured. Spread across the United States, there were even 13 mass shootings during the extended “festive weekend”, which killed a total of 14 people.

At least 57 people were shot and killed in Chicago alone, according to NBC Chicago. 9 of them died. And those numbers didn’t even include Highland Park, an (affluent) suburb of Chicago.

The fact that holidays lead to an outburst of violence is, unfortunately, no exception in the United States. Also during the Memorial Day weekend at the end of May, no fewer than 14 mass shootings were registered.

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