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Hong Kong Closes Diplomatic Office in Taiwan

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Hong Kong has closed a diplomatic office in Taiwan. The reason has not been disclosed, but it is the next step in the deteriorating relationship between Hong Kong and Taiwan.


It was said, however, that it has nothing to do with the increase in the number of corona cases in Taiwan.

Taiwan has a similar office in Hong Kong. The offices are considered unofficial consulates. The Hong Kong office in Taiwan was opened in 2011 when there was still good contact.

In recent years, contact has clouded as Taiwan openly supports the democratic movement in Hong Kong. Hong Kong authorities have cracked down on demonstrations for more democracy.

According to China and Hong Kong, Taiwan belongs to China, but Taiwan itself claims to be an independent and democratic country. Taiwan welcomes people from Hong Kong who want to leave because of Beijing’s growing influence.

That, too, is against the sore leg of the Hong Kong government.

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