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How to Keep Your Laguiole Knife in Tip Top Shape

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Laguiole Knives is not like the standard knife that people more often use in their kitchen. It is a masterpiece derived from the heart of Laguiole, situated in France. Today, it has become a fascinating asset for people from across the globe. However, with every purchase comes a big responsibility to keep it in a good state.

Laguiole owners but don’t have the right knowledge to keep their Laguiole knife in good condition. So, without any delay, let’s check out the enlisted tips to keep your Laguiole Knife in tip-top shape.

Avoid Regular Water Cleaning:

Laguiole knives aren’t suggested for washing with water daily. You can use a dry cloth to clean its blade and remove the dust from its surface. Else, no wet efforts are required. Furthermore, avoid keeping your knife underwater for long. Laguiole Knives are not made for underwater tasks.

Avoid Dishwasher Cleaning:

Laguiole Knives only need hand efforts for cleaning. You are never recommended to clean it using a dishwasher. Hence, you should avoid washing it within the dishwasher. The dishwasher uses detergent, which isn’t right to retain the shine and quality of your knife. Moreover, many dishwashers use hot water, which is also not recommended for your knives.

Don’t Shaprken Your Knife Unskillfully:

If you aren’t sure about your sharpening skills, it’s always better to hire a professional person. Even if you are skilled, it’s better to use a whetstone or a horning rod that makes your sharpening skills smooth and easy. If you are a newbie, you shouldn’t try sharpening your knife. Instead, you can consider a professional (as mentioned earlier) and get a sharp knife in exchange for money.

 Always Use Professional Sharpening Kit:

Most prominent mistake knife owner more often makes considering non-professional products to sharpen the Laguiole knife, which isn’t recommended at all. Hence it would help if you always considered buying a professional kit to sharpen the knife and get the perfect sharpness as needed. Even when using the professional sharpening kit, you must keep in mind that following the right steps is crucial. You should ensure following the guidelines as instructed to get its sharpness as brand new.

Store Your Knife Correctly:

Knife storage is one of the overlooked matters which you shouldn’t avoid in whatsoever condition. Firstly, your knife should be away from the reach of children as it might harm them. Secondly, prefer keeping them on a magnetic strip that will keep it safe from dirty places in your kitchen.

Care for Mobile Parts:

You should pay close attention to the mobile parts and metal components of the blade that are sensitive to oxidation, dirt, and dust. Clean the joint system periodically to ensure the joints are working correctly. Furthermore, pour oil on the joints to minimize friction and keep the blade in working condition.

Remember, some Laguiole Knives are made with wood and horn, which aren’t made to withstand high temperatures. However, some knives made with paper stone can confront high temperatures without degrading its quality and durability.

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