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Huawei Founder Hopes for Relaxation From Biden

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Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, does not expect all US sanctions to end but hopes that the US will allow companies to sell to them again.


The CEO of the Chinese telecom company spoke to journalists during the presentation of a 5G mining project in the Chinese city of Taiyuan. According to Reuters, he said there that he hopes that the US will pursue a more open policy under President Joe Biden.

Ren emphasizes that it would be suitable for American companies and the American economy if resupply to Huawei. “We hope the new administration will pursue an open policy in favour of US companies and US economic development.”

Under President Donald Trump’s policy, the US decided in May 2019 to blacklist Huawei, preventing US companies from selling essential technology to the company. This was later extended to companies worldwide that have activities in the US.

This means, among other things, that Huawei can no longer buy chips from outside China. Initially, this was mainly a problem for American suppliers, but with the integration, it can no longer purchase chips from the Taiwanese TSMC.

For consumers, the ban is especially noticeable with smartphones, which no longer run on a full version of Android, but on Huawei’s Harmony. A modified version of Android without access to Google Play.

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