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India Reports Nearly 260,000 New Corona Infections in 24 Hours

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In India, nearly 260,000 new corona infections have been diagnosed in the past 24 hours, the Indian Ministry of Health reported Friday morning.


This represents a decrease of about 16,000 cases compared to Thursday.

With the new cases, the total number of diagnosed infections in India comes to 26.03 million. Probably that number is, in reality, much higher because corona tests are only available to a limited extent.

Although the number of new infections has decreased in the past 24 hours, the number of deaths has increased in the last 24 hours. That was about 4,200, some 300 more than the number of deaths reported Thursday. This brings the total official number of Indian corona deaths to 291,331.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, India has the highest number of infections in the world after the United States and the highest death toll after the United States and Brazil.

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