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Instagram Blocks Hashtags With Disinformation

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Instagram Blocks hashtags with Disinformation about Vaccinations. Starting today, Instagram is hiding search results from hashtags that spread disinformation about vaccination.


That makes the photo service announced Thursday, according to reports.

Instagram is going to do more to stop the spread of such messages.

“For example, if the hashtag vaccines1234 contains many messages circulating disinformation about vaccinations,

 we will block the hashtag,” states Instagram top executive Karina Newton.

In March it already emerged that Facebook and Instagram would no longer allow advertisements,

 in which misleading information about vaccinations is shared.

Parent company Facebook was criticised because algorithms made this type of deceit reach a large audience.

Deleted messages are analysed on Instagram to see which hashtags they are given with.

Hashtags that for a “large part” are linked to disinformation are blocked.

The service also requires to display a message for people looking for vaccinations,

 to point them to quality information on the subject.

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