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Japan to Vaccinate 18,000 Olympic Games Employees

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About 18,000 employees at the Olympic Games will be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Japan next week.


This includes referees, staff in the Olympic village, employees of the doping controls and Japanese who receive all foreign guests at the airport. Some of the 70,000 volunteers are also vaccinated.

“We are vaccinating the people who will be in regular contact with the athletes,” said organizing committee chairman Seiko Hashimoto. Vaccination will start at the end of next week, at a location specially equipped for this purpose.

The intention is that the 18,000 people concerned will receive their second injection shortly before the opening ceremony of the Games on July 23.

The vaccination of the population has started slowly in Japan. Only 4 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Therefore, a majority of the Japanese are not at all interested in the arrival of athletes from about two hundred countries. They are afraid of the further spread of the coronavirus. The growth in the number of infections has slowed down in recent times.

Hashimoto has called on the leaders of the G7, meeting this weekend in Britain, to express their support for the Games to go ahead.

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