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Japanese Hospitals Cannot Handle the Number of Corona Patients

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Japanese hospitals cannot handle the number of corona patients in the country. Therefore, more and more often, ambulances with people who need to go to the emergency room are refused by a hospital.


More than 3,000 ambulances are refused by more than three hospitals every week, making it take more than half an hour for patients to reach a hospital. Half of these patients have Covid-19. At least five people have died because they could not get to the hospital in time.

Japan is experiencing its largest coronavirus outbreak to date. Due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the number of cases has risen sharply in recent weeks, with more than 25,000 cases in a day as an outlier.

Healthcare in Japan is highly regarded, which ensures that people can live very old with preventive care. However, most hospitals are privately owned, and they are often small locations. As a result, they do not seem to be able to cope with a major health crisis.

Mutual cooperation is difficult, and there are few IC beds. In addition, the number of beds in intensive care is being expanded too slowly, despite financial support from the government.

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