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JC Electronics Company is on Acquisition Path in England

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JC Electronics Company is on Acquisition Path in England. JC Electronics in Leek took over the British company DAX Automation on Monday. The repairer of high-quality electronics wants to boost international growth.

The purchase of DAX Automation is the first acquisition by JC Electronics abroad.

More active
DAX has offices in the United Kingdom and the US. ‘These are both markets with industry that we work for a lot,’ explains Bas Prins from JC Electronics. ‘We have the ambition to become more active abroad, and this step fits in with this, it offers us the opportunity to grow internationally.’

JC Electronics makes defective electronics ready for use again. The need for this at companies and factories has increased enormously in recent years. This allowed the Leekster company to grow strongly. Started in 2006 by the entrepreneurs Jannes Cruiming and Gerard Katje, JC Electronics now has around two hundred employees.

The company works for clients from more than a hundred countries. Due to the uncontrolled growth, the accommodation in Marum became too small, and JC Electronics moved to Leek last year in a building on the business park Leeksterhout on the A7.

JC Electronics and DAX Automation have been doing business for some time. As a repairer, JC Electronics used a lot of the trade network of the British company.

‘There is a good match’, says Prins. “They were one of our larger customers. With the offices in Great Britain and America, we can now build strategic stocks of electronics and components. ‘

This enables JC Electronics to help customers in those countries faster. What is of great importance when plants are stationary.

Double party
For JC Electronics, it is the second party on Monday, because, in addition to the takeover, the company was also allowed to celebrate the twelve-and-a-half-year anniversary.

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