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Kim Kardashian Changes The Brand Name After Criticism

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Kim Kardashian Changes the Brand name after Criticism. Kim Kardashian will no longer release her new clothing line under the name Kimono.


She informed this via social media.

The reality star emphasises that she had no bad intentions when choosing the name.

Kardashian announced the new clothing line in June, and the name quickly became the subject of discussion.

The wife of Ye West named the line after the Japanese garment and wanted to have it registered legally.

It was labelled as cultural appropriation by critics.

Although Kardashian previously indicated not to change the brand name, she is now tacking.

“As a business person, I am my boss, and that is one of the most rewarding challenges in my life.

After all these years, it offers me the opportunity to be in direct contact with my fans and the audience.

I listen, learn and grow, and I appreciate the passion and different perspectives that people offer me, “she writes in a statement.

“I have announced the name of the line with the best intentions.

I always strive for inclusiveness and diversity and after deliberation,

 I have decided that the line will be given a new name.”

Kardashian closes her message with a word of thanks for the continued support of her followers.

She says she will come up with a new name soon.

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