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Limited Effect of Plasma Therapy for Corona Patients

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Treatment with the blood plasma of healed corona patients has little effect on patients in hospital with Covid-19, according to a study published in the medical journal British Medical Journal.


The authors of the study state that the plasma therapy, with which patients receive antibodies from cured patients, does not lead to lower mortality or improvement in the disease course.

The findings, based on research on more than 400 admitted Covid patients, are a setback for US President Donald Trump, who in August touted the plasma therapy as a “historic breakthrough.” Plasma therapy is allowed in the United States and India in emergency situations.

After seven days, the plasma therapy seemed to reduce some symptoms, including shortness of breath and fatigue, the researchers say.

It also seemed in more patients that the virus was attacked by the antibodies. However, those effects did not translate into lower mortality rates.

Professor of virology Ian Jones (University of Reading) calls the findings disappointing but not very surprising.

According to him, the plasma therapy can be more effective if it is given very soon after the infection. Jones is calling for more research, but among patients who have just been diagnosed with the virus.

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