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Makers hostesses CoinVault betray identity with location source code

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Makers Hostesses CoinVault betray Identity with Location Source code. The creators of the CoinVault hostess software have revealed themselves with the location of the source code (the readable version of their software) on the computer of one of the suspects.


A location of source code has discovered researcher from anti-virus maker Kaspersky Lab has found that the source code was stored at a position of the hard disk, in which the first and last name of one of the suspects was quoted, according to a reconstruction of de Volkskrant on Saturday.

The Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch police knew the name later to link to an IP address of a man from Amersfoort. In September 2015, it became known that two suspects from the city were arrested.

Host software, also known as ransomware, ‘hijacks’ the files on a computer by encrypting them.

Victims can recover the data by paying the ransom. In this way, the CoinVault creators were able to earn thousands of euros.

Later, Kaspersky Lab has put almost 15,000 digital keys for unlocking the files online. This way sufferers could get their files back for free.

Most of the victims of CoinVault came from the Netherlands. People have also been affected in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The two suspects, who have already known, must appear before the judge on July 12.

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