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Margot Robbie Prepares For A Film In A Special Way

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Margot Robbie prepares for a Film in a Special Way. All actors and actresses prepare themselves in a different way for the film in which they will play.


Margot Robbie (29), for example, does this with the help of perfume, she tells in an interview.

“I choose a different flavour for every character I play,” she explains.

“Certain scents can take you to a different time and place or create a specific feeling.

Before I go on the set, I spray perfume, and it becomes easier for me to get into character.

It is a very powerful tool “said the 29-year-old.

The actress is currently recording her new superhero film Birds of Prey,

 in which she again plays the role of ‘bad girl’ Harley Quinn. That film will premiere next year.

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