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Martin Luther King’s Family Joins Calls to Reform US Electoral System

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Relatives of murdered American pastor and civil rights activist Martin Luther King took part in demonstrations in Washington on Monday for electoral reform.


That happened on Martin Luther King Day, an official holiday in the US, commemorating the well-known activist’s birth.

The famous pastor’s son, Martin Luther King III, took the floor on a march. He warned that many states have “passed laws that make voting more difficult”. The participants in Monday’s march referred to the demands formulated by Martin Luther King for more than sixty years. “What do we want? Voting rights! When do we want it? Now!” they chanted.

Many also carried images of the figurehead of the African American civil rights movement. For example, they carried his famous 1957 appeal, “Give us the ballot,” asking the government to respect the voting rights of African Americans nationwide.

The rally was a sign of support for federal electoral law reform currently before the Senate. Last week she was approved in the House of Representatives. A fierce political battle is being waged over the law.

President Joe Biden believes the reform is essential to protect American democracy. A series of laws recently passed at the local level are hampering the vote of minorities, who traditionally lean more towards Democrats.

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