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Mayor: London is on the Brink of Crisis

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Due to the coronavirus’s situation, the situation in London is so severe that the British capital is “on the brink of crisis”.


Mayor Sadiq Khan on Friday declared a “large-scale calamity”, a term previously used during the deadly Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 and during the terror attacks on Westminster and London bridges that same year.

Due to the continuing rise in the number of infections, the city’s health service can hardly handle the pressure. In London, 1 in 100 people is currently infected with the coronavirus. There are more than 7,000 Covid-19 patients in hospitals.

The ambulance service receives more than 8,000 emergency calls per day, compared to 5,500 on a typical busy day, the BBC reports. The increase may be partly due to the more contagious “British” variant of the virus.

“If we don’t take immediate action, our NHS (the health service) could be inundated, and more people will die,” said Khan, who further urges the population only to go out when there is no other option. “Stay at home to protect yourself, your family, friends and other Londoners and to protect our NHS.”

Khan has asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson for more financial support for people who are no longer able to do their jobs because of the epidemic. The mayor also wants places of worship to close and mouth masks to be worn outdoors as standard.

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