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“Meghan And Kate Have Become A Lot Closer”

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“Meghan and Kate have Become a lot Closer.” Meghan Markle (37) and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton (37) seem to be able to get through a door better than ever.


According to a British royalty expert, the relationship between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge has warmed up considerably.

Royalty expert Katie Nicholl tells that she hopes that the rumours that Meghan and Kate would not like each other will come to an end.

“They look like two duchesses who have a lot in common,” said Nicholl.

According to Nicholl, two recent events are showing that Meghan and Kate,

 and their husbands Harry and William, have no negative feelings at all towards each other.

“Harry and William recently played a polo game together.

Unexpected, Meghan and Kate were there too. It seemed that they were all very cheerful and comfortable in each other’s company.”

The sisters-in-law were also together at Wimbledon last Saturday to watch the Serena Williams game.

“They were in the Royal Box together and had a good time.

They chatted nicely, and it looked like they were friends,” says Nicholl.

The British royalty watcher believes that the arrival of baby Archie, the first child of Meghan and Harry,

 also contributes to the warmer bond between the two ladies.

Nicholl also thinks that the stories about Meghan and Kate will take a different turn in the coming period.

“We will read how they grow together, rather than shun each other.”

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