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Melania Trump Speaks Comforting Words to US Families

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The Republican convention was graced on the second night by Melania Trump. President Donald Trump’s wife spawned from the White House rose garden, focusing primarily on female voters.


The first lady thus tried to contribute to the image of the Republican Party as the guardian of the traditional American family.

Much attention was drawn to Melania Trump, who was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speeches after her speech at the previous convention.

The first lady spoke comforting words to families affected by the corona pandemic and promised her husband “would not rest until he has done everything possible to care for everyone who has suffered from this terrible epidemic.”

She also expressed her thanks to healthcare workers.

Melania Trump further cited the turmoil surrounding race relations in America by calling for an end to violence and saying that people should not judge each other based on their skin colour.

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