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Merkel is Discussing Stricter Measures With the Federal States

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has an early meeting with the sixteen state prime ministers about even stricter corona measures.


The talks were supposed to be next week. Still, political panic has broken out in Berlin over variants of the dreaded coronavirus that would justify the further curtailment of social and economic life. The federal states are often autonomous as far as corona policy is concerned, and it is always difficult for the chancellor to get them all in a row.

Liberal opposition leader Christian Lindner has also called for a special parliament session on Tuesday because the government would be in the process of attacking citizens’ fundamental rights with all restrictions.

Some media say that Merkel wants to push through a ‘mega-lockdown’.

The stricter policy would, among other things, close childcare and educational institutions ultimately, restrict people’s freedom of movement even more in time and distance and would put economic life at an even lower ebb. Other plans include making expensive medical masks compulsory and a nightly curfew.

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