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Microsoft Gives Internet Browser Edge Built-In Copy And Pastes Mode

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Microsoft Gives internet Browser Edge built-in copy and pastes Mode. Microsoft will provide its updated internet browser Edge with a built-in copy-and-paste mode, with which users can bundle information from multiple internet pages.


The company declared this on Monday evening at the opening of Microsoft Build, its annual developer conference.

The company calls the ‘Collections’ option.

In the updated Edge, users can perform a new collection via a platform that can be reached with a button in the browser.

Once opened, users can drag or copy the content of one or more web pages,

 such as photos and text, into a collection to bundle them.

It is then possible to export the entire collection via e-mail,

 by copying it to the clipboard and opening it in Microsoft’s office software Word or Excel.

Edge makes blocking ‘trackers’ possible
Microsoft also gives the new Edge a separate page with privacy settings.

Users can choose between three options to limit or block the extent to which third parties monitor internet behaviour.

The option ‘Unrestricted’ allows all kinds of ways in which third parties can follow the internet behaviour of a user.

In this mode, it is also likely that people are supported by software (trackers) from sites that they have not visited.

That way users can see personalised advertisements.

The standard ‘Balanced’ mode limits tracking to only tracking software on websites that users have visited.

According to Microsoft, this occurs in fewer personalised advertisements.

The strictest option ‘Strict’ (strictly) blocks all potential trackers but can cause sites to malfunction.

Users can click on a lock at the address bar of Edge to see which trackers are allowed and which are blocked.

Also, Microsoft promises that Edge, regardless of the privacy settings,

 will prevent all kinds of rogue tracking software.

How the company defines what a rogue tracker is not precise

Updated Edge in development
The updated Edge is still being developed and is currently being tested.

Ultimately, the internet browser must become available for Windows and macOS,

 and smartphones with Android and iOS.

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