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“Microsoft Makes Its Version Of Wireless Earplugs”

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“Microsoft Makes its Version of wireless Earplugs.” Microsoft is working on wireless earplugs, according to the reports.

The earplugs are developed under the Morrison project name and are reportedly part of the Surface product range.

Laptops, tablets and displays, among others, have appeared in this line.

Reportedly, Microsoft is working on wireless in-ear earplugs, which have to compete with Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

It is obscure what the earplugs will look like exactly.

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Headphones at the end of last year,

a headset that only emerged in the United States.

This gadget offers so-called noise cancelling and works with voice assistant Cortana.

These functions also end up in the earplugs.

Also, the earplugs would “make reading on the phone easier,”

although it is not understood how that works.

When the gadgets appear and what they cost is not known.

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