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Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: Dutch Companies Laconically About Brexit

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Dutch companies Laconically about Brexit. Many companies are concerned about the outcomes of the British departure from the European Union but do not demand to be directly affected by it.


Only one in five companies is actively preparing for it, according to research commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

That is “certainly not enough”, states minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade).

“The time to Brexit on March 29, 2019, requests and all situations are still possible, even the worst,” according to the minister.

She calls on businesspeople to correctly map the consequences for themselves.

“Even if you are not doing any direct business with the United Kingdom, you can hit the Brexit,

 for example at a subcontractor or in data traffic”, Kaag warns.

Companies that want advice can go to a ‘Brexit counter’ that the Ministry has set up for this.

Dutch nationals who live in the United Kingdom are also well recommended to prepare themselves.

“The countdown has begun,” states minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs. But even here only one in five is actively working on it.

Medium-term vision is missing
Evofenedex, the representative of trade and logistics companies, recognises itself in the image depicted by the minister.

“For the time being, the daily business scores are gaining in many companies from the medium-term vision”, according to the organisation.

“Many companies have examined the results, but can not take specific actions as long as there is no clarity about the final trade regime.”

Entrepreneurial organisations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland call it imperative that a Brexit deal, which can be used in practice quickly implements security for businesses.

The organisations point out that the United Kingdom after Germany is the most important trading partner for the Netherlands.

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