Missing British Journalist's Items Found in Brazil Jungle

Brazil’s federal police have found a backpack and shoes in the Amazon that are believed to belong to missing British journalist Dom Philips.


Police also found shoes and trousers belonging to Bruno Pereira, the indigenous culture expert who accompanied Philips on an expedition in the Javari Valley, along the border with Peru. The two have been missing for a week.

According to local media, the items were found near the home of a man arrested in the case. Witnesses saw him chasing Philips and Pereira upriver. The police have now searched an area of about 25 square kilometres but have not yet found the men. There is little hope that they will be found alive.

Pereira worked for the Brazilian government agency for indigenous affairs. Philips wrote for the British newspaper The Guardian. They were out in the Javari Valley doing interviews for a book on environmental conservation.

More and more illegal activities are taking place in the area, such as fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking.

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