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Most Germans Already Know Who They are Going to Vote for, SPD Still in the Lead

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Most German voters seem to have decided by now which party to support in next Sunday’s parliamentary elections. That’s according to a YouGov poll conducted between September 16 and 22. The Social Democratic ruling party SPD is still in the lead.


In the poll, 74 percent of respondents say they have already made a decision. A quarter declared that they would vote for the SPD of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. This is followed by Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU, who will step down as chancellor after 16 years. Her conservative bloc is in the poll at 21 percent.

Polls do not give a perfect picture of the result. The work of pollsters has become more difficult as the number of floating voters has increased. They often only decide which party they will support just before voting. What is clear is that the election could turn out to be a neck-and-neck race.

The struggle for power seems to be mainly between SPD member Scholz and CDU member Armin Laschet, the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, which borders on the Netherlands. He has been put forward to succeed his party colleague Merkel if the conservatives win the election again.

Climate party De Groenen briefly led the polls earlier this year, but is now at 14 percent. This is followed by the right-wing populist AfD (12 percent), the liberal FDP (11 percent) and the socialist Die Linke (7 percent). Because of the electoral threshold, a party must receive at least 5 percent of the vote to enter parliament.

The candidates will have another chance to win over voters on Thursday evening. Then the broadcasters ARD and ZDF broadcast a final debate in which candidates from smaller parties also participate. In previous TV debates, only Scholz, Laschet and Annalena Baerbock of De Groenen faced each other.

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