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Myanmar’s Ex-Government Leader Suu Kyi Back in Court After Illness

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Myanmar’s deposed government leader appeared in court again on Tuesday after failing to show up the day before due to motion sickness. Aung San Suu Kyi, 76, is on trial for several charges brought against her after the coup d’état early this year.


Suu Kyi suffered from dizziness on Monday and also felt dazed, the defence said. The complaints were due to motion sickness. Suu Kyi was on his way to the court in Naypyidaw in a car. Due to the corona pandemic, the process was delayed, which meant that she had not been in a car for two months, the explanation sounded. The politician, who is under house arrest, decided to return home because of her complaints.

Suu Kyi was relieved when he returned to court on Tuesday but was still “somewhat dizzy,” one of her lawyers said. The trial of the former Myanmar leader revolves around various charges, including illegally importing walkie-talkies and violating the corona measures during her election campaign. Suu Kyi’s lawyers deny those allegations.

The military overthrew the Asian country’s democratically elected government on February 1. Suu Kyi and other key politicians were immediately placed under house arrest. The military who took power claim that Suu Kyi’s party won last year’s parliamentary elections with large-scale fraud. The junta has promised new elections, but no details have yet been released.

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