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Netflix Reports How Subscribers are Doing

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Netflix will give a look at the books about the past quarter on Tuesday. Then it should become clear how many new subscribers the streaming service has acquired in the past period.


The expectations of the American company are also attractive, given the popularity of the new hit Squid Game.

It was recently announced that the Korean series Squid Game had its most successful debut ever on the platform. In its first four weeks, 111 million subscribers worldwide watched the show for at least two minutes, Netflix has revealed. Squid Game is about a group of poor Koreans who have to play child games to the death to win millions.

Analysts usually pay close attention to subscriber numbers in Netflix’s quarterly reports. This is because the company now faces stiff competition from streaming services such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Experts and investors are eager to know whether Netflix can stay ahead of those rivals. Unfortunately, the growth of new Netflix customers was significantly slower this year than last year when people were still glued to their homes due to the corona pandemic and looking for entertainment.

Netflix may also announce more about its video game ambitions. Earlier this year, it was announced that Netflix wants to offer video games in addition to series, documentaries and films. The first video games should be playable before the end of next year, insiders announced at the time.

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