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New York Times: Trump Wanted to Seize Voting Machines

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Six weeks after the 2020 presidential election, former US President Donald Trump has tried to ensure that he could legally seize voting machines in the so-called swing states, writes The New York Times.


Insiders tell the US newspaper that Trump instructed his attorney Rudy Giuliani to ask the Department of Homeland Security if there was some way he could legally take control of the machines in states where Republican and opponent Joe Biden sided. Giuliani called the deputy director of the ministry. However, he would have said that the authority to do so was lacking.

The phone call is said to have taken place shortly after Trump inquired during a meeting with then Justice Secretary William Barr whether the Justice Department could seize the machines. Barr would have immediately rejected that proposal.

The Republican regularly blames his election defeat on fraud without providing evidence. That would have happened especially in states where he narrowly lost to Biden, such as Arizona. However, insider information to The New York Times suggests that Trump may have been more closely involved in concrete efforts to have the election declared fraudulent than hitherto thought.

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