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New Zealand Extends Auckland Lockdown

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In Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, lockdown measures against the coronavirus will be extended until Sunday.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced this on Monday.

The measures in Auckland were initially supposed to be lightened on Wednesday, but have been extended to control the outbreak in the city better, Ardern said.

Strict restrictions have been in place in the city since August 12, after four infections within a family surfaced. Until then, New Zealand was virus-free for 102 days.

A cluster of 101 virus cases is now known in Auckland, where approximately 1.5 million people live. Schools and businesses in the city are closed to stop the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister Ardern also announced that in the rest of New Zealand, mouth masks are currently being made mandatory in public transport. Meetings with more than a hundred people remain prohibited.

A total of 1,332 cases of the lung virus are known across the country, and 22 people have died. On Monday, nine new infections were registered.

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