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Newcomers Welcome to the EU But Especially Not Too Soon

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Newcomers Welcome to the EU But Especially Not Too Soon. The entire Western Balkans may become EU members, but Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro should not count on rapid accession.


They must be ready, and – according to President Macron of France this afternoon immediately after a particular EU / Western Balkans Summit in Sofia – first Europe itself will also have to undergo a thorough reform, posted by The English News.

“Expansion should not be at the account of our unity and depth,” said Macron, together with Rutte, one of the more moderate proponents of new member states. Europe continues to send out a somewhat double signal: you can join in, but certainly not tomorrow.

According to the Bulgarian Prime Minister and temporary EU President Boyko Borissov, who hosted the summit with 33 national leaders, there is a lot of cold-water fear, especially in the ‘old’ Europe, to allow new member states. “The economy of all six newcomers together is no greater than that of Slovakia, their combined population the same size as that of Romania. Does that threaten the Union? “

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