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Number of New Corona Cases in Germany Has Risen Sharply Again

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The number of new coronavirus infections detected in Germany in the past 24 hours has again risen sharply.


The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, reported no fewer than 14,356 new cases on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the RKI reported more than 9,000 new infections. That was more than double the number from the day before.

In Germany, it is the case almost every week that the figures are relatively low during and just after the weekend and then increase rapidly as the week goes on.

With the new cases added, 2,532,947 cases of Covid-19 have been discovered in Germany since the start of the corona epidemic.

In 72,810 of those cases, the disease was ultimately fatal. In the past 24 hours, another 321 people in Germany died from the effects of the corona.

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