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Occupational Health and Safety Services Notice an Increase in Corona Infections at Work

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The number of corona infections has been increasing again since this month, after the absenteeism rate in May had been back to pre-corona levels for a long time. That is what occupational health and safety services HumanCapitalCare and Arboned say, which together work for approximately 1 million employees and 63,000 companies.


According to the services, companies should remain alert to prevent the transmission of the virus in the workplace.

The health and safety services also refer to the figures from the RIVM, which has noticed that the number of infections has increased again since the beginning of this month. “After an initial analysis, this is also reflected in our absenteeism figures,” says Juriaan Penders, company doctor and director of medical affairs at HumanCapitalCare.

“In the first week of June, more people reported sick due to corona. At the same time, the circumstances are different every time. For example, different rules currently apply than earlier this year. In addition, absenteeism in the summer and holiday periods is generally lower. These circumstances may inhibit an increase in absenteeism.”

The health and safety services point out that many companies are already struggling to complete the occupation during the holiday period. Corona’s absenteeism makes it even more difficult to get the schedules done. According to Penders, it is advisable to pay attention to hygiene measures to prevent infections at work as much as possible. In addition, the benefits of working from home should be exploited to the extent possible. “To prevent dropout due to mental and physical overload, we also advise continuing to look critically at work priorities,” concludes Penders.

Average absenteeism fell to 4.3 percent in May, compared to 4.8 percent in April. As a result, absenteeism was almost back to the level it was before the corona pandemic. However, this did not apply to healthcare and industry, where absenteeism was still higher than before corona.

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