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Papua New Guinea Blocks Facebook For A Month

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Papua New Guinea blocks Facebook for a Month to Measure the Impact. The government of Papua New Guinea is going to block Facebook for a month. With this, the country wants to measure the effect of the social medium on the population.


According to the Zoom News, Government analysts are going to observe the spread of fake news, pornography and the impact of counterfeit accounts.

With the research, the government wants to identify people behind these accounts, so that people with “sincere” intentions can use the “responsible” platform, according to minister Sam Basil (Communication and IT) against the newspaper.

Also, he is considering the option of introducing a social medium built by the government as an alternative. “If necessary, we can use our developers to build a site that is more favourable to the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

Aim Sinpeng, a researcher in the field of digital media and politics, says that the blockade of Facebook raises questions about the intentions of the government.

If Facebook blocked in a country, it usually happens in the run-up to elections or preparation for a permanent ban.

Also mentioned that why the blockade is necessary. What data will the government collect? If they are concerned about fake news, they can also research without blocking the platform.”

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