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Pentagon: 871 More Flaws to JSF

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The F-35 fighter, also known as Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), has 871 more software and hardware flaws that could affect the aircraft’s operation or maintenance.


This is what the testing agency of the US Department of Defense writes in an as yet unpublished report that has come into the hands of Bloomberg news agency.

“The F-35 continues to have many flaws. Many of those flaws have already been discovered during the development and testing phase, which ended with 941 flaws in April 2018,” said Robert Behler, Pentagon’s director of operational testing.

Only two errors have been resolved in the past year.

The aircraft, of which Lockheed Martin has built 970 to date, is used by the armed forces of the United States and eight more countries, where the first eight aircraft have been in service since October 2019.

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