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PlayStation 2 Remains the Best-Selling Game Console in the World

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PlayStation 2 Remains the Best-Selling Game Console in the World. More than 1.56 billion consoles have been sold worldwide since the advent of consoles.


The most successful console is still the PlayStation 2 with a market share of 10.07 percent. This is evident from research by market researcher Learnbods.

In total, Sony Computer Entertainment sold 157.68 million copies of the PlayStation 2 worldwide – a console that ceased production in 2012 after nearly thirteen years.

The second place is for the Nintendo DS of which 154.9 million units went over the counter, followed by the Game Boy with 118.69 million units.

Place four is for the PlayStation 4 (109.86 million) which will be followed by the PS5 later this year.

The top five is completed by the original PlayStation console (102.5 million) that saw the light of day in 1994.

The first Microsoft game console in the list, the Xbox 360, we only find in eighth place (85.8 million). Microsoft, therefore, entered the game consoles market relatively late in 2001.

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