Poland Closes Border Crossing Due to Tensions with Belarus

Due to the tense situation at the border with Belarus, Poland closed a border crossing with its neighbour on Tuesday. As announced, the border traffic for goods and people at the border crossing Kuznica has been closed since 7 am, a spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard confirms.


Travellers should go to the border crossings in Terespol and Bobrowniki.

A new migrant caravan is on its way from Belarus to the border with EU neighbour Poland. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieck warns that the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus “threatens the security and stability of the entire EU”. “Closing the Polish border is in our national interest. But today, the stability and security of the whole EU are at stake,” he wrote on Twitter.

The government in Warsaw and the European Union accuse Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of knowingly sending migrants and refugees to the EU in retaliation for sanctions against his country. Lukashenko denies this but previously stated that he would no longer stop people on their way to a better life in the “cosy West”.

On Tuesday, the Belarusian defence ministry called the allegations “baseless and unjustified” and accused Poland of escalating tensions.

Lithuania, which borders Poland and Belarus, wants to declare an emergency in the border area for a month. The government submitted a resolution to this effect to parliament on Tuesday. The emergency will apply from midnight at the border with Belarus and five kilometres inland and at the migrant reception centres in Kybartai, Medininkai, Pabrade, Rukla and Vilnius. On Monday, riots broke out.

Several people have already died in the border area. Many migrants hope to reach Germany via Poland.

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