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Politicians Intended Government Coalition Suriname Infected With Corona

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Three politicians of the intended new Surinam government coalition are infected with the coronavirus. This is reported by the coordinator of the COVID 19 management team.


Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that Paul Somohardjo (PL President) and Jerrel Pawiroredjo (NPS Vice President) had tested positive. Early Monday morning the news came that NPS chairman Gregory Russia is also infected.

The intended new president of Suriname, Chan Santokhi, appears not to be infected, according to a statement released by the VHP on Monday.

Although the VHP chairman is therefore free from corona, he has cancelled all agreements and limits his physical contacts as much as possible.

Whether ABOP leader Ronnie Brunswick has also been tested is not known. VHP, ABOP, NPS and PL intend to form the new government of Suriname together.

The number of positive corona cases in Suriname now stands at 535, of which 280 are active cases.

The number of deaths is thirteen, while 242 people are cured. Compared to yesterday, 150 people have been quarantined. There are now 529. Seven patients are in intensive care.

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