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Putin Insists No Evidence Of Russian Debt MH17 Disaster

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Putin Insists no evidence of Russian debt MH17 Disaster. One day after the JIT announced that it was prosecuting three Russians and one Ukrainian for their role in the MH17 disaster, the Russian president said there was still “no evidence” that Russia was co-responsible.


Vladimir Putin maintains that “there is no evidence” that Russia is co-responsible for the MH17 plane disaster.

The Russian head of state said that to reporters on Thursday.

With this Putin responds to the announcement of the internationally composed research team JIT, Wednesday,

 that three Russians and one Ukrainian will be prosecuted for their involvement in the downing of MH17.

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“What is presented as proof of Russian debt is unacceptable,” Putin says.

He did not specifically address the conclusions of the JIT.

“We have our theory, but unfortunately nobody wants to listen to us.

If there is no dialogue, we will not find the right answers to unanswered questions that still exist about this aircraft tragedy.”

According to the JIT, however, Russia does not want to participate in international research.

Putin made the statements after an annual television appearance where citizens could ask him questions by phone for hours.

In it, the president spoke about the ongoing dispute in Eastern Ukraine and recent tensions between Iran and the United States,

 but Putin did not speak further about the JIT investigation.

Sound recordings
The four men being prosecuted allegedly transported the Russian Book rocket, which flew flight MH17 in 2014.

Also, all 298 passengers were killed, including 196 Dutch people.

Among the suspects is a former colonel within the Russian intelligence services.

The suspects were all involved in the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

The JIT relies, among other things, on photos, chat conversations and sound recordings.

Russia has always rejected all involvement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry already dismissed the JIT conclusions as unfounded on Wednesday.

The European Union decided on Thursday to extend sanctions against Russia for its interference in the Ukrainian conflict by at least another year.

The sanctions were imposed after Moscow decided to annex Crimea in the aftermath of the Maidan revolution in 2014.

The sanctions prevent some high-ranking Russians from travelling to the EU and freezing their bank balances.

It also imposes constraints on trade with Russia, primarily if goods are related to Crimea.

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