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Raid At The Factory In China Where Millions Of Fake LEGO

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Raid at the Factory in China where Millions of fake LEGO were Made. The Chinese police invaded Friday at a factory in the city of Shenzen where allegedly millions of pounds of fake LEGO were made and sold, according to reports.


“In October 2018, the police discovered that building blocks from Lepin that were offered for sale showed great similarities to those from LEGO.”

Four people were held during the police raid at the Chinese toy maker Lepin.

The raid was made after the police found that the design of the Star Wars set from LEGO was used.

According to the statement, the police have seized around 630,000 Lepin products,

 with a value of about 23 million pounds.

The maker of imitation LEGO sold the toy at a fraction of the price of the Danish toy maker.

Where a box of Lepin toys cost 2.32 pounds, the price of a comparable LEGO box is at least 11 pounds.

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