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Ransomware Attacks Show That Healthcare Must Take Cybersecurity Seriously

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Healthcare is a vast industry juggling between sensitive information and a load of severe health issues care providence and medical bills. While their primary focus should always remain the availability of the best and prompt medical facilities for the patients, recent ransomware attacks have become a major cyber threat.

What is Ransomware Attack?

Launching ransomware on to a system leaves it unfeasible and blocked until a ransom fee has been paid. This fee is paid, usually as Bitcoin, to the hacker, which then unlocks the system. This system unlocking is accomplished by entering the lock code to the key.  In comparison with other viral attacks on the data who steal the personal data, the ransomware attacks act by locking the system down and rendering it inoperable.

  • How is it Done?

Ransomware spreads by a planned cyber-attack on only one of the working stations. This malware then diffuses to other stations and can reach back up files as well. This is done through engineered phishing emails and software downloads. This then crosses the company’s encrypted data and back up files making the situation worse. The system is locked down until the fee is paid.

  • What Happens Next?

The organization’s webpage is blocked up by a pop-up once the system is successfully locked down. The pop-up has complete information on the viral attack and instructions to pay the ransom. The hackers have recently started to demand Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, as the ransom. The lock key to decrypt the hacked webpage is provided once the demand is fulfilled.

Healthcare Industry: An Easy Target?

There is a lot to put on the stake when the healthcare industry emerges as a name. The patient data is not only kept confidential but is sensitive and personal. This is the primary reason why the healthcare industry has been an as easy and prime target.

  • The sensitivity of the data: A cybersecurity theft on, for example, a cake shop webpage won’t result in an unrepairable loss such as a significant health collapse or death. Healthcare professionals need immediate, effective and prompt access to the patients’ data, to avoid dangerous conditions.
  • Insufficient Cyber Protection: Amidst all the hype of potential cyber threats, the healthcare industry went to autonomous IT functioning in literally no time. They have compromised cybersecurity by allocating a lesser budget to software and data protection systems.

Steps to be taken by the Healthcare industry?

To maintain a foolproof security system and deflate all the incoming cyber threats, the following should be done by every organization today:

  • Protecting the system with an updated firewall, malware detection software, thus ensuring a comprehensive network of security
  • Allocating budget for the IT section and educating all employees regarding cyber threats
  • Regular checkup of the system to identify any penetration points for the hackers
  • Implementing changes

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