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Republican Post Office Chief Investigated by FBI

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Louis DeJoy, the CEO of the US state postal company USPS and a party and ally of former Republican President Donald Trump, is under investigation by the FBI. DeJoy is suspected of political donation fraud.


DeJoy was named head of USPS in May last year. He came under fire from Democrats in the run-up to the election for his plans to cut postal services and delay delivery. According to critics, those measures were partly intended to sabotage postal voting and thus favour Republicans. Before becoming a postmaster general, DeJoy was the CEO of New Breed Logistics.

At that North Carolina company, he is said to have pressured employees to donate money to Republicans, and The Washington Post reported last year. Those amounts would again have been reimbursed in the form of bonuses. DeJoy denied the malpractice in congressional testimony.

A spokesperson for DeJoy confirmed that his boss “has found out that the Justice Department is investigating campaign donations from employees who have worked with him in the corporate world.” According to the spokesperson, DeJoy has always adhered to the laws about political donations and has “never knowingly violated them”. The spokesperson said DeJoy is cooperating with the investigation.

Both the FBI and USPS declined to comment. The chair of the parliamentary oversight committee, Democrat Carolyn Maloney, said DeJoy must “resign immediately” if the allegations prove true.

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