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Russia Tries to Undermine Confidence in US Postal Votes

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The United States Department of Homeland Security warns that Russia is trying to undermine Americans’ confidence in the security and validity of postal voting.


In a publication labelled “for official use only,” the ministry states that Russia “is likely to continue to reinforce criticism of postal voting and altering voting processes during the corona pandemic to undermine public confidence. “

In mid-August, Russian state media and websites reportedly criticized voting post claiming that “people who are not allowed to vote could receive ballots because of outdated voter rolls that would leave a large number of ballots vulnerable to tampering.”

Since March, Russian reports have been circulating that postal voting “offers enormous potential for electoral fraud.”

Russia is likely to step up its “malicious foreign interference” in the time to come to erode public confidence in the US election.

The report also stated that during the Iowa primaries, Russian media claimed the results there “had been settled in favour of established candidates” and that problems with the voting system had led to “voting manipulation.”

Russia has always denied interfering in the US election.

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