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Rutte had Honest and Strong Talk with Trump

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Prime Minister Rutte and US President Trump discussed the trade dispute between the United States and the European Union. Rutte has insisted on preventing escalation.


But first Rutte cut the disaster with flight MH17, told the prime minister after his first visit to Trump in the White House.

He ‘thanked’ the USA for the support in the investigation into the circumstances. The Netherlands had nothing to ask the Americans on this point, ‘because America does everything we ask’.

That unanimity was missing when discussing the imminent trade war between the US and the EU. Then the tone was ‘open and firm at times’. But that is also how it should be because according to Rutte that’s how it works in a family relationship.

Rutte also pointed out to Trump that the American export to the Netherlands is larger than the import from the Netherlands. The opposite is the case between the EU and the US, a thorn in the President’s eye.

Trade with the Netherlands also provides the US with hundreds of thousands of jobs, Rutte said. He agreed with the consent of Trump to make a million of that.

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