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Ryanair Resumes the Majority of Flights

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Ryanair will resume 60 percent of regular flights this month, the airline reports.


In July, Ryanair transported 4.4 million travellers to destinations across Europe after it restarted services at the end of June.

This month, the prizefighter increases the number of flights to more than 11,000 flights a week in more than 1,600 destinations. From April to June, the airline grounded all aircraft. That cost society 185 million euros.

The Italian aviation authority ENAC recently threatened to ban the price fighter in Italy because Ryanair would not comply with the corona rules.

Travellers are required to wear a face mask on the aircraft. Ryanair denies all allegations and says it fully complies with the rules. In its own words, the airline encourages travellers to adhere to the corona measures.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson is happy with the increasing number of passengers. “Since the resumption of our flight schedule at the end of June, the numbers of travellers have continued to increase.

We are therefore delighted to announce that our flight capacity will increase to 60 percent in August, ”said Wilson.

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