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Samsung and Intel Rule in Thriving Chip Market

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Chip sellers did exceptionally well last year. A growing economy and chip shortage have resulted in semiconductor manufacturers turning over half a billion dollars in combined sales for the first time.


Last year, the sector generated revenues of $583.5 billion, 25.1 percent more than in 2020. However, Gartner estimates that this is the first time that the half-trillion-dollar mark has been crossed.

The market analyst points to the rebounding economy in combination with the chip shortage as the cause. This means that demand is high, and the average price for chips is higher, which boosted turnover. But the growth in 5G chips also rose from 250 to 555 million dollars.

The largest chip seller is Samsung Electronics, a position it is taking over from Intel. The company generated nearly $76 billion in semiconductor sales, accounting for a 13 percent market share and 31.6 percent growth. Intel comes in second with $73.1 billion and a market share of 12.5 percent. With 0.5 percent growth, the company is the slowest grower in the top ten.

The other players are a lot smaller, but it is noticeable that power relations are shifting. For example, AMD rose from 14th to tenth place and saw its turnover from chips rise by 64.4 percent. Gartner’s ranking is for the sake of clarity about chip sellers, not chip manufacturers. This explains that players such as TSMC, where AMD has its chips made, are not on the list.

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